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If you’re moving from the house you’re in to another property, you need to let your existing Energy Retailer know, and give an end date for services at your old address. Whichever Energy Retailer you choose for your new address, you’ll need to let them know your new address and the date you’d like services to start.

You can use the online service Powerswitch, developed by Consumer NZ, to help you work out which Energy Retailer offers the best pricing plan to suit your needs. 

Power for new electricity connections

If you’re building a new house or need a new power supply, you must obtain approval before connecting to Marlborough Lines electricity network.

We need to be sure the connection can be made without adversely affecting the electricity supply to other customers already connected to the network. This requires us to ensure sufficient capacity is available to accommodate the increased load for the new connection and that the electrical configuration is suitable.

Sometimes we find additional work is needed to upgrade our network to allow a new connection.

Connection approval will be delayed if any of the following criteria relating to a connection apply:
  • Network Connection Application form is not completed accurately.
  • There is insufficient system capacity at the point of supply.
  • Easements or other consents have not been obtained or completed.
  • Voltage is outside regulation tolerance.
  • Outstanding payment of a Capital Contribution.
To avoid possible time delays and cost surprises, talk to us early, especially if the power supply is in a rural location or the remote Marlborough Sounds.

For most new connections the following steps apply:

1. Contact an Energy Retailer to set up an account.

You can use the online service Powerswitch,  developed by Consumer NZ, to help you work out which Energy Retailer offers the best pricing plan to suit your needs.

2. Complete a Network Connection Application Form

Download a Network Connection Application form here.

This form is required for all new connections, builder’s temporary supplies, alterations to supply including capacity upgrades / downgrades, and reconnections where supply has been disconnected for less than six months. If supply has been disconnected for more than six months, an inspection is required and a certification of verification is provided.

For installation alterations you should include your existing ICP number (found on your Energy Retailer power bill) on the Network Connection Application form.

To ensure your request for power is processed and approved as quickly as possible, your Network Connection Application form must be completed by your electrical contractor and must include:
  • Electrical contractor details.
  • Installation details including your name and contact details.
  • The street address or rapid number for a rural address for the connection site.
  • The land title description.
  • Connection type (eg. new, builder’s temporary supply, permanent supply).
  • Service main details including the number of phases required.
  • Network fuse size required for the installation.
  • Load requirements at the site.
  • Other details as appropriate to the job.
  • Your estimated connection date, which will help us to schedule your connection.  
  • A detailed drawing of the physical location of the electrical installation, which will help us to verify the exact location in relation to our existing network.
Please note: Your Network Connection Application form must be completed accurately and with enough detail to enable Marlborough Lines to process the application.

3. Installation is livened

Once your chosen Retailer confirms they will supply electricity to you and all other connection requirements have been met, your installation can be connected to the network and livened.

Your electrical contractor should advise when the installation will be scheduled for livening, after their installation work has been completed, and a certificate of compliance has been provided in preparation for final inspection, testing and livening.

Marlborough Lines’ electrical inspectors will inspect and test the installation, fit meters and a relay, then liven in accord with the appropriate Regulations, Codes of Practice, and Marlborough Lines Network Design and Construction Standards. Your electrical contractor will be invoiced for the inspection and connection costs.

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