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Emergency 24 hour hotline, 03 577 7007

Safety comes first. Marlborough Lines is committed to keeping people and property safe around our electricity network. Our lines and other assets are constantly maintained to the highest standards of safety and reliability - and as long as our lines and substations are treated with caution, they are safe.

For direct assistance with any of the following, please call us on (03) 577 7007

Your safety

  • Damaged network – staying safe near damaged parts of the Network .
  • Overhead Lines – accident prevention near power lines, working close to lines and poles, building near power lines.
  • Underground  cables – digging safely, locating cables and underground services, cable installation.
  • Homeowners/DIY – safety disconnections, installing or altering wiring, repair of appliances.
  • Farming and Horticulture – lines on your property, working of trucks and tractors, moving equipment near lines, working near poles, first aid.
  • Boating – boat ramps, transporting a boat, undersea cables, first aid.
  • Generators – portable generators, caravans, standby generators, distributed generation.

Trees and powerlines

Working near our Network

General information

  • Electrical Safety Rules – principal laws, prescribed electrical work, inspections, certificates of compliance.
  • EMFs – Electric and Magnetic Fields around electrical equipment.

For any emergency relating to safety on our network, call (03) 577 7007 anytime

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